Grey County CP Rail Trail Information

OSCC member, Brian Low has maintained communication with the County of Grey – Natalie Mechalko, Trails and Forestry Coordinator, and the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority – Morgan Barrie, Operations Manager, regarding the conditions and status of the Grey County CP Rail Trail.

The CP Rail Trail offers 12-month multi-use trail access for both motorized (ATV and snowmobile) and non-motorized users from Dundalk to Owen Sound, with certain restrictions for the motorized uses. Currently, the CP Rail Trail from Grey Road 18 to Owen Sound does not permit ATV use and is designated as a non-motorized multi-use trail during the spring, summer, and fall. The trail can only accommodate ATVs up to 54 inches wide.

Links providing further information on the trail are found here:

Over the past few years, the trail has been graded and resurfaced in sections. Natalie Mechalko, provided an update on the trail this spring:

“In terms of the resurfacing, in 2022 the trail was resurfaced north of Thistlewood Road at the south side of Bridge 42 – approximately 200 metres south of Sideroad 80.  The remainder of the work (Sideroad 180 to Dundalk, approximately 12 kilometres remaining) is anticipated to be completed summer of 2023.  In terms of trail maintenance, the County and Grey Sauble have been having discussions with the ATV club and determining what requirements are needed for the club to be able to do this maintenance.  Additionally, we are working on an Adopt-a-trail program that would allow individuals, groups or clubs to participate in trail stewardship.”

More recently on May 24th, Ms. Mechalko provided the following in response to our inquiries:

“The gates have been left open as part of a pilot project to see if the open gates reduce the instances of vehicles traveling around the gates and causing trail erosion.  We have notified police contacts and clubs of this project and requested that they note in their trail reports instances of vehicles over 54” accessing the trail.  Thank you for providing the feedback on the increase in larger side-by-sides – if you have additional details around the approximate section of trail and date, I can include that in a trail report.

The ATV club coordinates with police to patrol the trail and check for compliance with membership and trail rules.  The club submits monthly trail reports to the County noting trail maintenance and safety concerns.

County forest and trail properties are closed to all users from sunset to sunrise.  I will look into whether there would be any circumstances that would grant users permission to use the trail between sunset and sunrise.”

The Grey County CP Rail Trail is a popular recreational ride for OSCC members and visitors to the area. If you become aware of trail deterioration, unsafe practices, or have information that can assist this to be the tremendous cycling asset to the County it has the potential to be, please share with Brian Low, at He will share information with the County and Conservation Authority as appropriate.

When cycling on the trail, please observe proper etiquette. Slow down and notify walkers on the trail as you approach. Slow down for oncoming ATVs and encourage oncoming ATVs to slow to walking speed when passing. When ATVs are overtaking, slow or stop when able to safely do so and allow ATVs to pass. Encourage overtaking ATVs to slow to walking pace when passing.

Grey County Cycling & Trails Master Plan

Grey County Cycling & Trails Master Plan – Public Consultation to close August 14

Grey County has been developing a cycling and trails master plan over the past number of months. In the spring an open house at the county building allowed interested parties to view maps and make suggestions. Bryan Plumstead, Manager of Tourism – Grey County, sent an email on July 31 stating:

“Grey County is moving forward with our Draft Cycling & Trails Master Plan, and is notifying all partners that public consultation will close August 14, 2020.

Comments and feedback can be made through an on-line form available on our Master Plan Initiatives Page,  or can be sent to the undersigned.”

Bryan Plumstead
Manager of Tourism
Grey County
595 9th Avenue East
Owen Sound, ON N4K 3E3
Phone: +1 519 376-3365 ext. 6110
Fax: +1 519 76-8998

You can review and comment on the master plan through the link in Bryan Plumstead’s message: Master Plan Initiatives Page, This is your opportunity to share your views and influence our riding in Grey County.

Also, more recently related to our first OSCC gravel ride, there was correspondence with Sarah Johnson, Intermediate Planner/Forestry-Trails Coordinator, who shared:

“Currently, we are considering some different options with regard to trail maintenance, we have not confirmed at this time what those might be. In the past, we would stone dust a section on an annual basis, we have also more recently re-graded the trail, without the addition of extra materials.

I would appreciate knowing what our trail users think, if you had some suggestions please feel free to pass them along.”

Sarah can be reached at:

Sarah Johnson
Intermediate Planner/Forestry-Trails Coordinator
Phone: +1 519 372-0219 ext. 1241

Conc. 8 Through Mooresburg

I just heard that Conc. 8, the road that runs north/south through Mooresburg, is being paved after all. Work started today.
Originally the township had said the road would revert to gravel. They wanted drivers to use county road 3 instead. But they were pressured by residents to pave the road again.

This opens up quite a few bike route possibilities for us.

Grey county is paving Grey Rd 17 from Highway 6 to Wolesley

Grey County is paving Grey Rd 17 from Highway 6 to Wolesley this year.
The “new” road will have the standard 3.5 meters of travel way and 1.25 meters of paved shoulder where the 1.3 meters of gravel used to be.

For a week or two there will be detours using concession 21.

And, moving forward most Grey County roads will have paved shoulders when they are reconstructed.