TT Locations

You’ll no longer have to email the webmaster or race director to ask where we meet for a time trial. The race results database already had the potential to hold that information. Now, driven by that database, it’s visible here.

TT Results / Age Categories

The TT Results now show position within age category.
I have specified age categories in 10 year increments: 20-29, 30-39…70-79. These can easily be changed or extended. Please let me know if there’s a convention for the younger riders.

I took birth dates from this year’s CCNBikes’ registrations and attempted to match names on the results database. Some failed (Jenn vs Jennifer, Alan vs Woody, etc.). But if you registered this year and if you have ever competed, you should get an age category position.

If your birthday isn’t on the database or if your age on race day falls outside of the above range I show {M|F}_Open.

Over time I’ll take registrations from other years to add more birth dates.

TT Results Now Show Season’s Best

I have added logic to check for a seasonal best time on the TT results page.
First I check if the race time is the fastest ever (or equal fastest), and that the rider  has more than one result on that course. Then I display “PB.”

Then, if not a PB, I check if the race time is the fastest in the calendar year when the race was run  (or equal fastest) , and that the rider  has more than one result in that time. This assumes our season is a calendar year.  Then I display “SB.”

Of course a PB trumps an SB so I will never display both.

I’ve also laid the ground work for age divisions, but for that to work I need to enter everyone’s DoB. Over the years we have collected results for 366 riders (and teams). So I might only enter DoB for this year’s members (and future years as new members are entered) . I’ll probably have an “Open” division for those who don’t have a DoB on file.