Covid-19 Update

Ontario has approved Phase 2 startup and the OCA has approved recreational rides of up to 10 cyclists.

Prior to the ride you need to join the club by going to “REGISTER NOW” on the OSCC webpage and by electronically signing the OCA Covid Waiver. The waiver can be found on the OSCC Web – Forms Page OSCC 2020 Adult and Youth waivers.

Also, physical distancing is required, a gap of 2 meters either in direction of travel for single pace line or a 2 meter gap on the diagonal for a double pace line.

Unfortunately the OCA at this point is not allowing Time Trials to occur.

Tri-Bikes – Amendment to Risk Management Plan

The OSCC executive have reviewed the Risk Management Plan as it pertains to Tri-Bikes. Although the Risk Management Plan states NO Tri-Bikes on group rides, we have agreed to allow them if you do not have an alternate road bike. The stipulation is you must not ride on the aerobars in the pack and must have easy access to your brakes at all times. It is not the intent of the OSCC to dis-allow participation on our group rides, however given the diversity of the group, e.g. skills and ability, safety is of utmost importance.

OCA Announces Women’s Coaching Initiative

As part of National Coaches Week, the Ontario Cycling Association is
proud to announce the launch of several initiatives focused on
increasing female cycling coaches in Ontario. These initiatives are
supported through Quest for Gold funding administered by the Coaching
Association of Ontario.

eligible to apply for up to 70% subsidy for completion of courses
leading to Introduction to Competition certification
support to assist with travel and other expense to attend a camp or
competition under the mentorship of a Team Ontario, Team Canada, or
other high level coach
* WOMEN’S COACHING CONFERENCE: The OCA is excited to announce the
hosting of the Women’s Coaching Conference on December 9, 2018 at the
Mattamy National Cycling Centre. This one-day conference will include a
series of presenters covering topics applicable to today’s cycling
athletes. Workshops will be delivered both in-class and through
interactives activities.

For more details: OCA Womens Coaching Initiative Information.