We’re All Getting Older

At the recent executive meeting I was asked to make the font of this website larger.
I’ve done that. It should be larger (relatively) on all devices.
If that’s not enough, get new glasses or, on  a phone or tablet, you can always use the “pinch open” gesture to make everything bigger.

OSCC Mail List

We are switching to a new and better mailing program.

All who were members last year and those on Joanne’s women’s list have been subscribed to the new list.

We have linked CCNBikes to the new service. As members register on CCNBikes, they are automatically subscribed. Some of you already have, and it is retroactive.

We want to take the opportunity to house clean, but don’t want to lose anyone. To ensure we didn’t miss you or to adjust your preferences please  enter your email address in the Subscribe form on this site. If you are already subscribed to the new list, you will receive a link where you can adjust your preferences. Otherwise, of course, you will be subscribed. You can also sign up from our Facebook page.

We have set up a group for Joanne’s women’s rides and placed all female members on it. (If a couple shares the same email address and both are members, that email address will be on the list.)

We are also experimenting with a group for Time Trial results and might send weekly results only to that group. That would allow those of you not interested to opt out.

New Look for the Web Site

It’s still a work in progress, but should adapt better to mobile devices.
Also, there can be multiple header images. The image is chosen at random every time a page loads or when you click on the header. If you have any featuring club members or local rides, please let me (webmaster@owensoundcycling.ca) have them. Bear in mind that I have to crop them to approx. 1140 × 350 (i.e, wide and skinny) and I think 2MB is the max size for upload.

New Look Website

Finally a modern website.

  • Your execs can change pages themselves.
  • They can post news items directly to the News page.
  • Members can use RSS to receive updates.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter in one step, from the front page.

Some work still has to be done: Not all newsletters are archived and the points from 2015 are not displayed.

The theme is still not very mobile friendly. I hope to find one that is and has all the other features we need.