The adult waiver for 2022 has COVID-19 acknowledgement built in, so there is no separate COVID-19 waiver this season.

2022 OSCC  Youth Waivers

Anyone under 18 MUST agree AND have a parent/legal guardian sign and send in prior to membership being issued. See the OCA site for details and to download the form.

OCA Forms and Literature


Membership Forms

You no longer need to print and fill out an Owen Sound Cycling Club membership form.
Instead, you must register via the CCNBikes website. See our home page.

Any person participating in a club activity must be a full member of the club.
The OCA does however allow a prospective member to try out one club ride, providing the
waiver is completed. The date and time of designated ‘try-out’ rides will be announced.

Other OCA forms can be viewed here.

Adopt a Highway Release

Our club adopted the road between Shallow Lake and Copper Kettle.
We committed to clean up the litter along this road twice a year.
Any one participating in the clean up must sign the Grey County waiver.

Release Form – Adopt a Highway Release Form.

Note: Please print the form and sign.
The forms must be on file with Grey County before we begin the cleanup.
Once filed, they are valid for two years.

There is also a sample
form to describe what goes in each empty field.
The road number is 170.

For any of the above forms you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download a free copy if necessary.