2024 OSCC Member registration is Now Open

You are now able to renew your membership or become a new member of the Owen Sound Cycling Club. We’d like to inform you of some important changes from 2023 to 2024.

  • In 2024, most members will purchase the “Community Membership”. In 2023 this was known as the “Associate Club Membership”.
  • The new category of Community Membership has some important changes:
    • The Ontario Cycling fee has reduced from $51.00 to $45.00.
    • Sport Accident insurance is no longer included in the Community Membership category, as it was in the Associate Club Membership.
    • OSCC members, who purchase the Community Membership, are strongly encouraged to also purchase one of two optional insurance packages available when registering. Most members would benefit minimally from Option 1, which is an expanded coverage from what was included in 2023:
      • Option 1 – Personal Accident Extension Program – $27  (+ CCN processing fee) ON-BIKE TRAINING
      • Description Unsanctioned training activities, including personal rides where the primary purpose is exercise or training and not travel to a specific destination.
      • The underwriter has advised that Option 1 covers sanctioned rides and would be sufficient to cover riders who are riding to sanctioned events – they’d consider it further individual training
      • Option 2 – Personal Accident Extension Program – $114  (+ CCN processing fee) ANYTIME ON THE BIKE
        Description Coverage for all unsanctioned activity on the bike including, but not limited to, commuting and other activities where the primary purpose of the ride is a means of transportation to a specific destination (work, store, etc.). This would include the activities covered by Option 1 and it is not necessary to get both options.

Shimano Recall

Further to John’s email this morning, here is a link to an article detailing the models affected and how to find your product and manufacturing code numbers.

The article goes on to say this…
“Despite their similar appearance, Shimano’s 105 chainsets are not affected by the recall, due to a cold-forged manufacturing process. Likewise, no 10-speed or 12-speed components are affected either.”

Email Subscriptions / Managing Interests

Most of our emails go out to all of our subscribers. But some of our ride leaders send out email only to a specific interest group. We try to keep the database up to date, but the groups a member is interested in are best managed by the member.
You can do this using the form “Manage your email subscription & interests” that is top, right on every page of the web site. Even if you are already subscribed, you can enter your email address and check off the group or groups you are interested in.

There are currently three groups, but the Women’s Rides group is the one used the most.

Then click on the (poorly named) Subscribe button.