Conc. 8 Through Mooresburg

I just heard that Conc. 8, the road that runs north/south through Mooresburg, is being paved after all. Work started today.
Originally the township had said the road would revert to gravel. They wanted drivers to use county road 3 instead. But they were pressured by residents to pave the road again.

This opens up quite a few bike route possibilities for us.

OSCC May 2 9 16 TT Results


Timer: Scott Thomson

Conditions: Warm, light west breeze ; Welcome to new riders Grace and Jonathan

Grace Scott. Non. 29:54
Jonathan Taylor. 25:51
Glen Kujbida. Non. 27:31
Jim Scott. 24:58
Greg Nicol. 22:30
Woody Woods. 24:47
Dermot Barry-Murphy. 21:04
Todd Wainwright. 23:45



Timer : Scott Thomson

Conditions : Flat ; Warm with a stiff south breeze making for a fast out and tough return ; Sorry folks for my rushed time but had too much on the go Wednesday ; Welcome to new rider Tim

Frank Elliott non. 18:13
Tracey Greig. 17:52
Scott Bent Thomson. 16:59

Jim Scott. 37:19
Lori Wilder. 38:09
Curtis Coyne. 37:17
Tim Duivesteyn. 34:15
Sam Weichel. 30:30
Todd Wainwright. 33:28
Kylie Starrs. 37:18
Robert Starrs. 28:56

Non Aero = non


Timer : Mary and Scott Thomson

Conditions : warm, sunny, light west head wind going out

Jim Scott. 17:18

Scott Bent Thomson. 28:39
Glen KujbidA non. 31:50
Paul Widmer non. 31:50
Rob Vanderwerf non. 28:04
Trevor Stokes non. 33:02
Fred Zottl non. 29:26
Jeff Wardell. 28:11
Tim Duivesteyn. 26:42

Non aero = non


Women’s Ride Day – May 20th

Attention women and girls… We are offering a free ride for a day. You do not have to be a member of Owen Sound Cycling Club or any club. Just register and come out on May 20th for a fun day.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into the fun activity of group riding. The aim of this event is to introduce women and girls to group riding and to celebrate the the freedom and independence that riding a bicycle offers to women of all cycling abilities. So come on out and “ride like a girl”!! 

As you proceed through the registration you will be asked a few questions about your cycling goals and group riding experience. This is to help us make this a fun and safe learning experience for you.

Please remember that wearing a bicycle helmet is MANDATORY. Your bicycle should be in good working order (gears and brakes especially) with tires properly inflated. This will be a road ride so a hybrid or road bike would be most appropriate. A water bottle or hydration pack and an energy bar is a good idea too.

The ride will take place on Sunday May 20, 2018 at 2 pm at the Owen Sound City Parking Lot #8 located at 1st Ave E and 8th St. E, Owen Sound. Register with CCN Bikes online at:!/events/womens-ride-day-2018-owen-sound

If you have any questions about the ride please contact Ann at: 

If you have questions about registration please contact our  Membership Secretary

If you already are a member or OSCC or an OCA club you do not need to register. Just email Ann at:   to let her know you plan to attend.

Alpe de Zwift

The developers and artists at Zwift have created a new route, Alpe de Zwift. They imported GPS data from Alpe d’Huez. Their ride starts at sea level in the jungle of Watopia, but quickly climbs up above the snow line. The scenery may not match the real thing, but the road has the same 21 switchbacks and the same profile.

How it was made

One of the first to ride it.

You have to be a Level 12 Zwifter to ride it, unless you join a group ride that’s going.

Grey county is paving Grey Rd 17 from Highway 6 to Wolesley

Grey County is paving Grey Rd 17 from Highway 6 to Wolesley this year.
The “new” road will have the standard 3.5 meters of travel way and 1.25 meters of paved shoulder where the 1.3 meters of gravel used to be.

For a week or two there will be detours using concession 21.

And, moving forward most Grey County roads will have paved shoulders when they are reconstructed.