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TT Locations

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Annan, Park at the ball diamond, north of the main cross roads.

Annan19 Km Map
Annan10 Km
Annan, Junior5 Km
Annan, South10.4 Km Map
Annan, South, 2 Loops20.8 Km Map

Chatsworth, Park at the Chatsworth Arena if driving. The start is 300m north, heading east on the Massie Rd.

Chatsworth10 Km Map

Colpoys Bay Lookout, Park at the lookout midway between Oxenden and Big Bay.

Colpoys Bay Lookout, East14 Km
Colpoys Bay Lookout, East / Short13.5 Km
Colpoys Bay Lookout, West14 Km
Colpoys Bay Lookout, West & East28 Km Map

East Bayshore, East Bayshore Rd at 32nd St (Kiwanis Soccer Complex Rd). Parking at the boat launch.

East Bayshore27.3 Km
East Bayshore30 Km
East Bayshore21.5 Km
East Bayshore, Reverse Annan Loop20.8 Km
East Bayshore, To Leith and Back9.5 Km

Epping, Park at the Epping Lookout. The start of the hill climb is 5 km down the hill from the lookout.

Epping5 Km Map

Grey-Bruce Line, Not currently used.

Grey-Bruce Line15 Km
Grey-Bruce Line30 Km Map

Island View Drive, Park at the Women's Institute parkette, County Road 1

Island View Drive15 Km
Island View Drive30 Km Map

Kemble, Park at the Kemble arena.

Kemble10 Km
Kemble, Anti-clockwise20.8 Km Map
Kemble, Clockwise20.8 Km
Kemble, Clockwise41.6 Km
Kemble, Juniors13 Km
Kemble, Oxendon, Big Bay40.8 Km
Kemble, Up the Mountain0 Km

Sauble Ski Trails,

Sauble Ski Trails15 Km
Sauble Ski Trails10 Km

Shallow Lake, Park at the church parking lot on Cruickshank St.

Shallow Lake15 Km Map
Shallow Lake5 Km
Shallow Lake10 Km

Spring Creek, The course heads west from Hepworth on Spring Creek Road. Do not park at the former Duffy's Tavern lot. Park on a Sophia Street to the south.

Spring Creek17.3 Km Map
Spring Creek10 Km

Walters Falls, Park at the ball diamond south of the village

Walters Falls10 Km
Walters Falls15 Km
Walters Falls30 Km Map
Walters Falls5 Km
Walters Falls20 Km
Walters Falls, North9 Km
Walters Falls, North19 Km

West Rocks, Start at the double track intersection top of the east side West Rocks up the snowmobile trail access from the end of 7th St West.

West Rocks, MTB0 Km

Whispering Pines,

Whispering Pines10 Km
Whispering Pines4 Km
Whispering Pines7.5 Km
Whispering Pines5 Km
Whispering Pines7 Km
Whispering Pines9 Km
Whispering Pines, 1 Lap6 Km
Whispering Pines, 2 Lap12 Km

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